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Avanti Guardian Pushbutton Combination Lockbox


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SKU: AG-002

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The Avanti Guardian pushbutton combination lockbox was a new product release of 2006. Avanti’s version of the push button style offers the same ease of operation as the Supra push button lock box and is available at a more competitive price.  We require a minimum order of five to give you the best prices.  If you wish to order more than fifty we can give you even deeper discounts, but you must call us at 1-800-508-6889 to place an order of that size and get the discounts for it. 

With a sturdy all metal construction the Avanti Guardian lockboxes are well suited for both commercial and residential use.  The shackle on this model is operated only when the lockbox is open, allowing you to hang it on any protrusion from a nail to a doorknob, fence, railing, external light fixture or even a water tap.  With a rubber backing, this pushbutton lockbox can be hung safely without worrying about damaging siding or walls.

The combination mechanism on the pushbutton lockbox by Avanti Guardian relies on a numeric code as opposed to the dial combination lockboxes which rely on an alphabetical code.  Unlike the ShurLok, which can use only a four number combination, the Guardian lock boxes can use a varying number of digits in its combination.  This allows for greater protection as a thief will not know how many numbers you have in your combination just because of the brand of lockbox you have.