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Avanti Guardian Dial Wall Mounted Keyless Lockbox


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SKU: AG-011

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The Guardian wall mounted keyless lockbox is available with the standard dial combination.  The wall mount application allows you to conceal the location of your lockbox instead of the traditional hanging model that fits over the door knob.  Included are a few screws to secure your lock box to a wall, whether on the side of the house, in the garage, or the side of a shed.  Built with a heavy pressure cast vault and a weather resistant lacquer finish, these lockboxes are designed to take a decent beating from both man and nature. 

To access the secure key storage area, simply dial in your personal 3 letter code, which can be set at the factory for you.  The combination works much like a normal dial padlock, but with using letters instead of numbers.  The lock box can hold several house keys or even a set of car keys with remote.