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Cal Royal GLSRIM7700 US26D Rim Escutcheon Trim


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The Cal Royal GLSRIM7700 Rim Escutcheon Trim is an external trim that is designed to work with the GLS7700 narrow stile panic bar. It is a handled trim that allows keyed access through the door from the outside. It comes in multiple functions, from entrance to storeroom and passage. If you choose the dummy function, it will not allow keyed access. This device is not handed and can be installed on doors without concern for which direction it swings. Available in a brushed chrome or oil rubbed bronze finish.
  • Construction --
    • Free wheeling clutch mechanism
    • Grade 1, thru-bolted design. Reversible design.
    • Hardened steel heavy duty tailpiece. Available for rim and concealed vertical rod exit devices.
  • Door Thickness -- Standard 1 3/4"
  • Escutcheon Dimensions --
    • 1 13/16" width X 8" length
    • Lever Length 4 3/4"
  • Entrance --
    • Clutch free-wheeling Entrance
    • Key locks or unlocks escutcheon trim
    • ANSI FUNCTION (63) Operates as classroom function
  • Storeroom --
    • Clutch free-wheeling Storeroom
    • Key unlocks lever, lever retracts latch bolt, otherwise always locked
    • ANSI FUNCTION (04)
  • Passage --
    • Trim always operable and free
    • ANSI FUNCTION (62)
  • Dummy --
    • Dummy Escutcheon Trim
    • ANSI FUNCTION (10)