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Cal Royal GLSCVR7700 US32D Concealed Vertical Rod Narrow Stile Panic Bar


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The Cal Royal GLSCRV7700 is a concealed vertical rod panic bar. Like the GLS7700 panic bar, this vertical rod variant is designed for doors with a narrow stile. This is ideal for both single and double doors with large wide glass panes in them. The GLSCVR7700 can be installed on a door with a style as thin sa 1 and 3/4 inches. Also has a dog down feature.
  • Specifications For Doors -- Metal or Aluminum Glass doors with 1 3/4" minimum stile width, 1 3/4" thickness for single or double door application
  • Chassis -- Non-ferrous alloy (Panic Grade)
  • Cover -- Brass, bronze or stainless steel.
  • Mounting -- Furnished with wood and machine screws
  • End Cap -- Brass, Bronze or Stainless Steel construction
  • Hand -- Handed. Specify RHR or LHR.
  • Top and Bottom Bolts -- Stainless steel. Top and bottom bolt travel 7/16" (11mm). Stainless Steel adjustable to 1" (25mm).
  • Spring -- Stainless Steel throughout.
  • ANSI Standard -- A156.3, Grade 1
  • Rail Assembly -- Heavy guage extruded aluminum body with Stainless Steel push pad.
  • Strike -- 260 Top and 265 Bootom strikes packed standard
  • Dogging Feature -- Allen-type key furnished standard
  • Mullion -- Available
  • UL and ULC Listed -- GLSCVR7700 Series for Panic and Safety for all types of 4' x 8' single doors and 8' x 8' double doors for Panic and Safety
  • Finish -- Architectural plated finishes