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How Do We Make Our Employees Feel Safe Post-COVID?

How Do We Make Our Employees Feel Safe Post-COVID?

As an entrepreneur, I’m always asking myself, “Do my employees have everything they need to feel safe, productive, and fulfilled?”

I do this because I, of course, care about them as human beings. But I also do this because I know that their health and safety directly impacts my bottom line. If my employees get sick, I lose money. If your employees get sick, you lose money. If your customers get sick, you lose money. If your tenants get sick, you lose money.

I was already concerned about this before the crisis, but now that concern has skyrocketed. Now it’s not just a matter of productivity and profitability…it’s a matter of life and death. It has become priority ONE.

And I’ve been asking myself: What will I have to change in my workplace to insure my people are safe? What should my workplace look like after COVID?

And I’m also asking, “What will my customers’ employees demand? What will my customers have to supply to keep their people happy?”

Now, I don’t know what the Post-COVID world will look like. But there’s one thing I do know: It will look different.

(If you’re old enough to remember pre-September 11, 2001, you’ll know that the world looks different than it did pre-9/11…particularly airports!)

And while I don’t know exactly what will look different, I can make one very educated guess. A guess that most business owners…particularly those who with brick-and-mortar locations…will do well to heed.

Prediction: Your employees, customers or tenants will demand changes that make them feel safer from virus infection.

Perhaps you’re already hearing these demands?

One of the demands you’re sure to hear is for touch free doors.

For decades now, I’ve helped professionals like you – (at hospitals, office buildings and manufacturing facilities, for example) - select and install the right touch-free doors for their specific application. In environments like those, touch-free doors were essential, must-have, mission-critical technology. But suddenly, everyone in every industry is concerned about being sanitary and hygienic.

I don’t know about you, but every time I approach a doorknob these days, I get a little anxious. I pull on my gloves or I try to open it with my elbow. And then, as soon as I can, I douse my hands with sanitizer.

Well, I predict your employees and tenants and customers won’t put up with that hassle after this crisis. And if your competitors offer them a safer, more comfortable environment in which to live, work and shop? Well, you’ll be scrambling to catch up.

There will be far more touch-free doors in the Post-COVID world. People will demand them. Who knows, the government may even mandate them! Smart business owners will get out ahead of this curve and not get “locked out.”

There are many solutions to make your doors touch free, including the BEA Touchless Actuators. It is not viable for you to do this yourself, because of fire code and life code regulations.

Find Out Exactly What You Need Fast: If you’re asking yourself, “What can I do to make my customers, tenants, and employees feel safer Post-COVID?”… I’d like to help you. It’s not easy to install touch-free doors, but with just a handful of photos, we can determine exactly what you need. Go to our Touch Free Door Estimates page to see exactly how to take and submit the photos to get your free estimate of the hardware needed to upgrade your door.

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