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Touch Free Door Operators

Dave Jabas, Owner

Dear Business Owner or Property Manager:

Congratulations, in just 5 minutes you could be on your way to providing a safer, healthier, more “COVID-compliant” environment for your customers, tenants, and staff.

Take 6 pictures of your door with your smart phone and either email them to dave@wholesalelocks.com or text them to 952-836-5174.

Here’s examples of the photos we need to get started on your touch-free door estimate…

1. The front of the door showing the door hardware.

2. The back of the door showing the hardware.

3. The edge of the door at the height of the current hardware.

4. The whole front of the door including the frame around the edge.

5. The whole back of the door including the frame around the edge.

6. The edge of the door frame where the current hardware latches when the door is closed.

That’s all it takes. Send us these photos and you’ll have your touch-free hardware estimate in just 1 business day .

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-800-508-6889. You’ll speak with a live human being who can answer all your touch-free questions!