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Key Lockboxes Keep Access To A House Controlled and Secure

Use a key lockbox to keep your family safe and you house secure.

Having a lockbox for your house keys is an essential part of keeping your home and family safe. A ShurLok key lockbox provides a secure place to store your keys so that they can't be stolen or lost. It also ensures that your keys are always accessible when you need them.

A lockbox typically consists of a box, either metal or plastic, with a combination lock or key. The lockbox is secured either by screws to a wall or by a u-bend bolt which can be looped over an extrusion or fence. This makes it easy to access the keys without having to keep a keychain or remember a combination. The lockbox should be placed in a secure location and out of sight from potential burglars. Make sure to keep the box locked at all times, even when you are home.

Using a lockbox for house keys is especially important if you have children. This can help prevent them from accessing the keys and leaving the house unsupervised, or give them access to your house securely while you are not home. You can also keep a spare key in the lockbox in case you ever lose your primary key.

Using a ShurLok combination lockbox can give you peace of mind knowing that access to your house can be controlled and secured. The combination has 10,000 possibilities, making it difficult to guess the combination. Sleep well knowing you are keeping your family safe.

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Chris Jabas