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Von Duprin CX9927EO 3 US28 Chexit Delayed Egress Vertical Rod Panic Bar Exit Only


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SKU: CX9927EO 3 US28

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Von Duprin CX 9927EO Chexit Delayed Egress Vertical Rod Panic Bar Exit Only

The 99 Chexit Delayed Egress Panic Bar is designed to delay egress through a door using a panic or fire exit device for 15 seconds. What this means is that a person must press the panic bar for 15 seconds before it will open the door. This is especially useful for retirement homes and hospitals where patients may accidentally try to leave through an emergency exit door. They can also be set up to act without delayed egress during actual emergencies. Like the 99 Panic Bar, this device has a grooved case.

Chexit meets the exacting requirements of NFPA101, Special Locking Arrangement. Chexit is designed to be tied into a building's emergency system and will release immediately in an alarm condition.