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Supra Dial Lockbox


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SKU: 000524

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The Supra Dial combination lock box has been known to real estate agents for many years. It was one of the first types of lockbox to be used when selling a house, providing convenience for the home owner, realtors and prospective buyers.  Today there are many competing types of lockboxes, but Supra still holds its own. 

The Supra dial lockbox uses a three letter alphabetical code on a dial mechanism very similar to a combination padlock.  With letters instead of numbers a greater variety of combinations are available on the Supra.  We are not able to preset the combination on the Supra products. If you would like the combination preset, you may order the <a href="avanti-guardian-dial-combination-lockbox.html">“Avanti Guardian Dial Combination lockbox.”</a>