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ShurLok SL100 Numeric Code Blue Lock Boxes Quantity of 96


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SKU: SL100-96

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Shurlok lock boxes are one of the best values when trying to secure a key outside the home to allow access for service and repair workers, or others as needed. The lock box key compartment is secured by your own 4 digit code. It provides a safe place for your keys when you are not able to be on site to let some one in. The Shurlok lock box comes in 3 colors: brick red, blue and black. The sliding door protecting the key compartment requires the proper 4 digit code in order to open, allowing access to the stored key(s). The standard Shurlok lock box is available with number dials to create your personal numeric code. If you prefer to use letters instead of numbers, we offer the Shurlok letter lockbox (available in the blue color only). We can preset the combination for the numeric Shurlok. The cost is $1.00 per lock box. If you wish to set the lockbox yourself, below are instructions on how to do so. All lockboxes come factory set with the code 0-0-0-0 for the shackle and 3-3-3-3 for the door. The numbers for the door code will always be 3 digits higher than the numbers for the shackle code. Below is a table of possible numbers for the dials. Also shown in the table is what number will be a part of the door code and shackle code.
 Dial 1  Dial 2  Dial 3  Dial 4
 Shackle  Door  Shackle  Door  Shackle  Door  Shackle  Door
 0  3  0  3  0  3  0  3
 1  4  1  4  1  4  1  4
 2  5  2  5  2  5  2  5
 3  6  3  6  3  6  3  6
 4  7  4  7  4  7  4  7
 5  8  5  8  5  8  5  8
 6  9  6  9  6  9  6  9
 7  0  7  0  7  0  7  0
 8  1  8  1  8  1  8  1
 9  2  9  2  9  2  9  2
So if the shackle code is 3045, then the door code will be 6378. To change the combination, first have the lockbox set to the shackle code and open the shackle. Then using a smal flat head screwdriver, rotate the screw found above the door of the lockbox clockwise until the slot in it is vertical. Rotate the dials so that they show what code you want for the shackle, then open and close the shackle to test that the combination works. Turn the screw counterclockwise back to its original position and open and close the shackle to test it again. That's it. The door code is automatically changed when you change the shackle code and should be 3 digits higher than your new shackle code. Put in your new door code and open the door of the lockbox to make sure it works as well. WARNING: If you attempt to change the combination on your lockbox and mess up any of the steps, the best way to fix it is to send your lockbox back to the factory and they will reset the combination for you.