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ShurLok Key Guard Pro Lock Boxes


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SKU: SL-500

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The new Key Guard Pro is a great addition to the lockboxes line we offer.  As part of the unique design includes a face cover that snaps in place.  The cover is hinged and permanently stays with the lockbox.  The inside dimensions are 3 3/4" high  x  2 1/2 inches wide x  1/2 inch deep. This easily allows you to store, business cards, and/or card access cards, along with the keys.

The box is controlled with a push button keypad that is labeled the same as the keypad on a telephone, which allows you to choose either a number code or alphabet code. The combination is easily set with just the use of a slotted screwdriver.  The current model comes with door loop to hang over a door knob or attach to a gate or fence.  If you needed to have a wall mount application you would simply drill two holes through the back and then attach it with the proper mounting screws or hardware.