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Norton 7500 Door Closer


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SKU: 7500 ALUM

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The Norton 7500 door closer is comparable with the LCN 4041 closer and also the Cal Royal CR441 door closer. It is well known to be one of the best industrial and commercial door closers. It is designed for extremely high traffic applications including schools, restaurants, malls, shopping centers and major office complexes.

This closer will fit on most wood doors and frames. It will also fit on most steel doors steel frames. For aluminum doors a drop plate or mounting plate may be needed for proper installation.

This door closer comes ready to mount for either parallel arm, regular arm or top jamb mount.

This is a sizable closer allowing you to adjust the power of the spring from size 2 to 6

Also has three valves for controlling speed of the door, sweep, latch and back check

Available aluminum and dark bronze.