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Best 11B722 Padlock Less Core Brushed Chrome Finish


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SKU: 11B722-626

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The 11B722 Best Padlock is a padlock from the company named Best. It is designed with a shackle whose opening is one and one half inches tall when locked. This type of padlock from best is designed to use a key to unlock it. The core which uses a key is additional cost because you have a few options available. You can buy this padlock without a core, which you would do if you are transferring an old core or would otherwise already have a core. You can choose an uncombinated core, which you would do if you wanted to cut the key and pin the lock as you wish once you receive the padlock from us. Finally, you can have the lock ready to use out of the box with a combinated core. There are seven styles of key to choose from, and the lock will be pinned to the keys that you receive. A combinated core comes with two keys that will unlock the padlock and one "core key" that will allow you to remove the core so that you can replace it with another core or send it in for repairs, repinning, or rekeying if necessary. Specifications
  • Shackle_ The shackle locks at both heel and toe. The length of shackle opening is measured from top of case to inside of shackle when padlock is locked.
  • Case_ Machined from solid extruded brass. Standard finish is 626 satin chromium plated.
  • Width_ 1 5/8"
  • Length_ 2 1/16"
  • Thickness_ 25/32"
  • Material_ Bronze or stainless steel
  • Diameter_ 1/4"
  • Width of opening_ 7/8"
  • ASTM F883_ Meets Grade 3 with stainless steel shackle.
  • ASTM F883_ Meets Grade 6 for option E. (Corrosion resistance).