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Corbin Russwin ELR Panic Bar Electric Latch Retraction ED5200 630 M94


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SKU: ED5200 630 M94

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The Corbin Russwin ELR Panic Bar Electric Latch Retraction ED5200 630 M94 is a grade 1 panic bar meant for single doors and double doors with a separating mullion. This type of exit device is meant to allow people to exit quickly during times of emergency with simple pressure against the door. An electric latch retraction function panic hardware allows remote activation of the latch using an electric current. This can be as close as an electronic key reader next to the door or as far away as a security office. This device is meant for 36 inch wide doors, but can be cut down to fit doors that are 30 inches wide. Features
  • Electrical Specifications - Requires 782 Controller (120VAC input, output sequencer for one or two devices). No substitutes; using other power sources voids warranty. Requires a 4-wire electrical transfer pivot or hinge.
  • Solenoid - A dual retraction/holder-type solenoid. 6-9 Amp in rush @ 24VDC to 28VDC (.25 Amp holding-continuous duty.) Device bolts remain retracted for as long as the device is energized. Removal of power returns the device to the life safety, self-latching mechanical mode.
  • Handing - Standard device is non-handed. Double Cylinder Device is Handed. Lever trim is handed.
  • Bar Length - Easily field cut to size. Standard: 36" (914mm) bar fits 30"- 36" (762mm-914mm) door.
  • Door Thickness - 1-3/4" (44mm) standard. Optional: 2" (51mm); specify D200. Optional: 2-1/4" (57mm); specify D214.
  • Stile - Minimum width 4-1/2" (114mm).
  • Latchbolt - 3/4" (19mm) throw, stainless steel pullman- type with stainless steel deadlocking latch.
  • Materials - Heavy-duty cold-forged steel chassis; heavy- gauge steel mechanisms, electroplated for corrosion resistance; finished parts are brass, bronze or stainless steel; stainless steel springs; nylon bearings.
  • Projection - 3-1/4" (83mm) active, 2-3/4" (70mm) dogged.
  • Dogging - Standard on panic devices; single-point 1/4 turn hex key dogging. Optional: less dogging, specify M51. Optional: cylinder dogging; specify M52. Optional: electric dogging; specify M97. Mechanical dogging not available on fire- rated devices.
  • Fasteners - Standard on panic devices: machine screws and wood door fasteners. Standard on fire- rated devices: sex nuts and bolts. Optional on panic devices: sex nuts and bolts for use on wood, composite, or unreinforced metal doors; specify M54. Optional wood screws for use on approved fire-rated solid wood or wood core doors. Specify M64.
The Corbin Russwin ELR Panic Bar Electric Latch Retraction ED5200 630 M94 comes in the stainless steel finish.