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Corbin Russwin 8400 Series Vertical Rod Panic Bar Left Hand Reverse ED8400 689 LHR


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SKU: ED8400 689 LHR

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The Corbin Russwin 8400 Series Vertical Rod Panic Bar Left Hand Reverse ED8400 689 LHR is a vertical rod panic bar version of the 8400 series of panic bars from Corbin Russwin. This panic device is meant for double doors that do not have a separating mullion or any door that you want to latch at the top and bottom of the frame as opposed to the edge. This panic bar is designed for doors that are 36 inches wide by 84 inches tall, but can be cut down to fit smaller doors. This is handed as a right hand reverse vertical rod exit bar. See the image above the add to cart button in the upper right for further explanation. Features
  • Handing - Handed; specify hand.
  • Bar Length - Easily field cut to size. Standard: 36" bar fits 31"- 36" (787mm-914mm) door. Optional: 30" bar fits 28" - 30" (711mm-762mm) door; specify W030. Optional: 42" bar fits 37" - 42" (940mm-1067mm) door; specify W042. Optional: 48" bar fits 43" - 48" (1092mm-1219mm) door; specify W048.
  • Door Thickness - 1-3/4" (44mm) standard. Optional: 2" (51mm); specify D200. Optional: 2-1/4" (57mm); specify D214.
  • Backset - 2-3/4" (70mm). Device and trim cover standard ANSI A115.2 (Type 161) cylindrical lock preparation.
  • Stile - Minimum width 5" (127mm).
  • Door Height - All top rods easily field cut to size. Standard on ED8400 devices: top rod for 7'6" door. Optional on ED8400 devices: top rod for doors up to 10'; specify H1000. Standard on ED8400A devices: top rod for 8' door.
  • Projection - 2-1/2" (64mm) low profile for barrier-free access.
  • Latchbolts - ED8400 devices: Top: 1/2" interlocking drop latch. Bottom: 5/8" pivoted. ED8400A devices: Top: 3/4" (19mm) steel pullman type with steel deadlocking latch. Bottom: 3/4" (19mm) deadbolt.
  • Vertical Rods - Inverted U-shaped rectangular.
  • Materials - Heavy-duty wrought steel chassis and pushpad; steel vertical rods; aluminum bar and latch covers; stainless steel springs; nylon bearings.
  • Dogging - Standard on ED8400 devices: single point 1/4 turn dogging. Optional: less dogging; specify M51. Dogging not available on ED8400A devices.
  • Fasteners - Standard on ED8400 devices: machine screws and wood door fasteners. Optional on ED8400 devices: sex nuts and bolts; specify M54. Standard on ED8400A devices: sex nuts and bolts.
The Corbin Russwin 8400 Series Vertical Rod Panic Bar Left Hand Reverse ED8400 689 LHR comes in the painted aluminum finish.