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Stanley BEST 9KW37DEL 15D Electrified Lever Lock 24DC - Fail Safe


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SKU: 9KW37DEL15DS3605

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Function: DEL-Locked

Latch operated by: Rotating the inside knob/lever Rotating the outside knob/lever - only when power is off Turning the key in the outside knob/lever.

Outside Lever Locked by: Applying power to the solenoid; remains locked while power is on.

Outside Lever Unlocked by: Removing power from the solenoid

Inside Lever Locked by: Cannot be locked

Inside Lever Unlocked by: Always unlocked

Backset - 2 3/4" standard, 3 3/4" and 5" available.

Chassis - Critical latch and chassis components are brass or corrosion-treated steel. 2 1/16" diameter to fit 2 1/8" hole in door. (Conforms to ANSI A115.2)