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Cal Royal GN30 US26D Grade 1 Lever Lock


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The Genesys lever lock comes with the clutch lever as a standard feature. The clutch feature allows the outside lever to always move without unlocking the door. When the door is in the unlocked mode, the movement of the outside lever will open the door.

Pictured above is the Cal Royal Genesys lever lock in the brushed chrome finish.

This lock is available in the following function, entrance, classroom, storeroom, privacy, passage, institution, and communicating. This lock is also available in an interchangeable core for the entrance, classroom and storeroom function.

Cal Royal Genesis lock uses the same mounting holes as Schlage AL series lock and Schlage Rhode series.

Available Functions:
CGN -- 30 passage
CGN -- 20 privacy
CGN -- 00 entrance
CGN – 05 storeroom
CGN -- 03 classroom

Available Finishes:
US26D brushed chrome
US3 polished brass
US4 brushed brass
US10 brushed bronze
US10B oil rubbed bronze
US26 polished chrome