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Cal Royal CR801S ALUM Door Closer


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The Cal Royal CR 801 door closer comes as either a slim cover or full cover device and meets all the requirements to be an ANSI 156.4 Grade 1 door closer. It has the same hole mounting pattern as the Norton 8500 series, allowing it to replace old and worn out closers without having to drill new holes or having to replace the door or frame. The CR801 is a non-sized door closer and is adjustable in power size from one to six. Each closer comes with all three mounting applications within the box: the standard arm, regular arm, and parallel arm configurations. The regulating valves it has includes the back check, latch and sweep adjustments. Standard finishes, which can be chosen above, are aluminum, dark brown and painted gold finish.
  • Cal-Royal•À_s Finest Hydraulic Door Closer Series. Meeting The Highest Industry Standards, Grade 1
  • Heavy-Duty Double Lever Arm With Extra Smooth Action Full Feature Multi-Size Commercial Door Closer For Use In Office Buildings, Shopping Centers And Other Commercial Buildings
  • Standard Back-Check Function
  • Optional Slim / Full Plastic Cover
  • Optional Adjustable Delayed Action Barrier Free For Handicapped Or Elderly
  • BHMA Certified Lifetime Warranty
  • ANSI 156.4 Grade 1: UL listed for fire door assemblies
  • Universal application. Non-handed for standard, top-jamb or parallel arm installation
  • Hydraulic door closer with standard adjustable back-check function
  • Non-sized, 1 thru 6. FACTORY PRESET SIZE 3
  • Adjustable closing and latching speed by two separate regulating valves
  • Standard slim plastic cover (CR801S)
  • Standard full plastic cover (CR801)
  • Available in Alum, Duro, Gold
  • Optional adjustable delayed action (DA) Preset at the factory for approximately 20 seconds, between 70•À_ and 0•À_ Delay time easily adjusted up to 1 minute
  • Barrier free (BF) Meets ADA regulation Size 1 thru 6. Engineered with reduced spring power to provide easier opening for handicapped or elderly
  • Parallel hold-open adjustable arm (Non-handed). 901/902
  • Optional, non-handed parallel arm features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with stop in soffit shoe. SPAS/900
  • Optional, non-handed parallel arm features solid forged steel main arm and forearm provides hold-open function with templated stop/hold-open points. Handle controls hold-open function. HOSRPS/900
  • Slide track arm. TRACK/900 with hold open
  • Flat drop bracket 850
  • Extended long arm for top jamb mount with deep reveals. 900 EXT
  • Super rigid non-handed parallel arm with spring loaded stop in the soffit shoe. Equivalent to LCN SPRING CUSH ARM (900SPRING)
  • Super rigid parallel arm stopper hold open, non-handed with spring loaded stop in soffit shoe. Handle controls hold open function. Equivalent to LCN SPRING H-CUSH ARM (900HOSPRING)