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Cal Royal CAT30 US26D Grade 1 Lever Lock


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Cal Royal AT Design lever lock The Cal Royal AT design lever lock is designed to meet ADA requirements and provide the security features of a clutch design. The clutch design is engineered to deter vandalism and break-ins by allowing the outside lever to always move without opening the door when it is in the locked position. When the lock is put into the unlocked mode, the outside lever is then engaged and will retract the latch. This grade 1 lever lock as the same appearance as the Schlage Athens series and it can fit in the same mounting holes. The standard functions for this lock are entrance, storeroom, classroom, passage, and privacy. Available Finishes:
US 26D brushed chrome
US 3 polished brass
US 4 brushed brass
US 10 brushed bronze
US 10B oil rubbed bronze
US 26 polished chrome