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Cal Royal AG30 US26D Grade 2 Pioneer Lever Lock


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The AG series grade 2 lever lock by Cal Royal is UL listed and meets ADA requirements. This lock can be installed using the same whole prep as a Schlage Rhodes or Schlage Saturn lever. It can also be keyed to match Schlage locks. The standard key way is SC1. Also available Schlage E keyway, Russwin, Corbin, Sargent and Yale key ways. This lever lock is available in the following finishes and functions. Functions:
Passage function
Privacy function 
Entrance function
Classroom function
Storeroom function Finishes:
Us 26D brushed chrome
US 3 polished brass
US 10 B oil rubbed bronze
US 10 brushed bronze
US 4 brushed brass
US 26 polished chrome
US 15 brushed nickel