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Cal Royal 300-PCOVALUM Door Closer


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Cal Royal 300-PCOVALUM Door Closer

The Cal Royal 300 PCOV door closer is great for an interior and exterior applications alike. Being adjustable for power sizes 3-6 for exterior and 1-4 for interior, this door closer can be used for all standard applications. Beyond that, the Cal Royal 300 PCOV has a standard back check and a heavy duty rack and pinion, which is the gear mechanism of the closer. Here are some more features of the device. Mounting holes are the same as the Norton 1600 series of door closers Adjustable door closer for power size 3-6 for exterior, 1-4 for interior. Regulating valves include sweep, latch and back check Available in three colors aluminum, dark brown and painted gold Plastic cover included This closer will work on a right or left-handed swing door. This closer comes in what is known as a tri-pack and can be mounted in any one of three ways on the door: standard installation, top jamb installation or parallel arm mount. This device has been factory tested to meet or exceed the ANSI standard 156.4 Grade 1 requirements.å_å_


Description 300 PBFCOV/
A. Length of Closer Body 9 3/4"
B. Horizontal Mounting Holes 9 1/16"
C. Vertical Mounting Holes 3/4"
D. Height of Closer Body 1 3/4"
E. Projection from Door 2 7/8"