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Stanley Best 45H Fail Safe Electrified Mortise Lock 45HW7DEL15H626


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The Stanley Best Fail Safe Electrified Mortise Lock 45HW7DEL15H626 is a strong, long lasting lock which has field reversible handing. This means that it can be installed on a door that swings either in or out. This lockset allows you to unlock it only by turning off the power to the lock. Otherwise, the door is always locked. You can always leave the room, but to get in the room you need to either use a key or switch on the 24V DC that the lock uses. This mortise lock is Grade 1 for operation, which means that it is designed for heavy use such as on an entryway door. Standard lock is less core, but you have the option to choose keyway and core as needed. Specifications
  • Auxiliary bolt: Stainless steel, non-handed.
  • Backset: 2 /4� Case: 0.095� cold rolled steel, 5 7/8� H x 7/8� D x 4 1/16� W. Steel is zinc dichromate plated for corrosion protection. Deadbolt: Stainless steel, 1� throw.
  • Latchbolt: Solid stainless steel, 3/4� throw. Latch is oil-impregnated for anti-friction operation. Reversible without opening case.
  • Strike: For complete strike package spec�s see page 5.
  • Door Thickness: Standard lock configuration designed for doors 1 3/4� thick. Thick door configuration available for doors up to 5� thick (specify thickness when ordering).
  • Faceplate: Stainless steel, brass or bronze material, 8� H x 1 1/4� W x 1/16� T. Lock face automatically adjusts to proper bevel during installation.
The Stanley Best Fail Safe Electrified Mortise Lock 45HW7DEL15H626 comes in a satin chrome finish.