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Style and Safety At The Same Time

Style and Safety At The Same Time

A visit by the fire marshal can ruin any building manager's day. The need to make sure all hardware is up to the code that changed this year can be frustrating, but worse is the tenants that insist you do not mess with the looks of their offices. The safety of all people within a building is paramount. However, if unhappy tenants move out, there won't be anyone in the building to keep safe.

Thankfully, door hardware manufacturers offer a variety of styles and functions in their hardware. If that tenant demands a curved and tapered door handle because it reminds them of the elegance of the Ottoman Empire, they can have it. Along with finishes in number of colors, these lever styles can keep the hardware from all looking the same in every building.

The Von Duprin 9927EO 3 US26D Vertical Rod Panic Bar can have a variety of lever styles for its outside trim. In fact, there are over a dozen. This does not change the functionality of the device, only the look of the outside handle. This allows you to not have to sacrifice the look of your doors to have working door hardware on it.

If you would like more information on the Von Duprin 9927 Panic Bars, click the link below or you can call one of our experts at 1-800-508-6889. We can make sure you get the right hardware right away.

Von Duprin 9927EO 3 US26D Vertical Rod Panic Bar

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David Jabas