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Show Us Your Hardware

We ask you for pictures of your hardware for a reason.

There's a lot of times that we get asked for part numbers that don't exist. We've been asked about half scratched out numbers on the hardware themselves to a number "they found on the interweb". Most hardware doesn't have a part number printed on it for easy reference. Without it, you need a trained eye to see the differences between different types of hardware.

Take for example, the Schlage ND80PD RHO 626 Storeroom Lever Lock. Change the number between ND and PD and it is no longer a storeroom lock. Change the PD and it now needs a different type and size of cylinder for the lock to work at all. Every part of a part number is important, and inaccurate numbers are all over the internet. No company is safe from typos, misunderstandings, and bad requests from customers who ask for one thing but need something different.

It amazes our staff how insistent some people can be that they've got the right numbers. Even when they have the right type of hardware and even the right brand, they can still be wrong between what they are asking for and the part number they swear is right.

When you are trying to buy hardware for your doors, an inaccurate part number will not cut it. Your best chance to get the hardware you need is to talk to one of our experts. They can identify the hardware you have as well as the hardware you need. From fire doors to touchless actuators, we can help you get the hardware you need and have it be right, the first time. Call Wholesale Locks today at 1-800-508-6889.

If you would like to see the Schlage Storeroom Lever Lock mentioned above, clikc the link below.

Schlage ND80PD RHO 626 Storeroom Lever Lock

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David Jabas