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Pool Safety Designed For Disney

Pool Safety Designed For Disney

A while ago, Disney had a problem. Guests could come and go to their pools through the gates they had installed around their pool areas, but kids could also get in without being supervised. Pools can be a very dangerous place for children and should never be left unsupervised near them. The risk of injury and even drowning is far too high.

A panic hardware had to be developed that would allow people to leave the pool area during an emergency while not allowing access to the pool for small children. The Von Duprin 9952L Pool Gate Panic Bar With Lever Trim is a solution for that problem. It keeps the panic bar on the interior of the gate at the required 34 to 48 inch height while having the exterior trim be mounted over 54 inches above the ground. This keeps the activation mechanism for the gate well outside the reach of small children.

With pools being inaccessible to children during times a staff member cannot be there to watch, other things can be focused on. Fun is continued to be had by all as Disney continues to keep their guests happy, entertained, and safe.

To view or purchase a pool gate panic bar, you can click the link below or call our experts at 1-800-508-6889.

Von Duprin 9952L Pool Gate Panic Bar With Lever Trim

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David Jabas