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Von Duprin 98ALK 3 US28 Panic Bar With Alarm Kit


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Von Duprin 98ALK 3 US28 Panic Bar With Alarm Kit

The Von Duprin 98ALK Panic Bar With Alarm Kit is a specialty function panic bar. It is designed to be used for emergency exits, providing an audible deterent for unauthorized use of an opening. When the panic bar is activated, an 85 decibel loud horn sounds to alert anyone nearby that the door has been used.

98 and 99 Rim exit devices for all types of single and double doors with mullion, UL listed for panic exit hardware. Devices are ANSI A156.3-2014 Grade 1. The 98 device has a smooth mechanism case and the 99 device has a grooved case. The rim device is non-handed except when the following device options are used: SD (special dogging), -2 (double cylinder) or SS (signal switch). Covers stock hollow metal doors with 86 or 161 cutouts on single doors (may cover cutouts on pairs consult-template).