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Von Duprin 88EO US19 Black Finish Panic Bar Exit Only


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SKU: 88EO US19

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The Von Duprin 88EO US19 Black Finish Panic Bar Exit Only is currently available.

The 88 series exit devices from Von Duprin are for all types of single doors and double doors with a mullion. They are installed across the inside of a door to allow for egress during panic situations, where the door will operate by pushing against the bar. The 88 series panic bar comes with a 42 inch crossbar to accomodate doors as wide as four feet. The crossbar can also be cut to size for smaller doors. This rim device is field reversible, which means it can be installed on doors that swing either left or right. These devices are UL listed for accident hazard installations.

The exit only function panic bar does not come with any trim hardware for the exterior of the door. If installed, it will only allow egress through the door without reentry. Trim must be purchased separately. 

This hardware is not fire rated and may not be used on a fire door.  

This Von Duprin series panic bar comes in a black finish.