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Von Duprin 6210 12VDC US32D Electric Strike


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SKU: 6210 12VDC US32D

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Electric strike for use with mortise locks without deadbolt on single door, hollow metal frame applications and using ANSI prep at standard height. Strike pocket inserts are provided to accommodate different manufacturers deadlocking trigger locations. FEATURES
  • Accepts 3/4" (19mm)Throw Latchbolt
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fail Secure
  • Non-handed
  • Six Finishes
  • Horizontally Adjustable
  • Plug Connectors
Electric Strikes provide remote release of a locked door. They allow the door to be opened without retracting the latchbolt. This occurs by the releasing of the electric strike lip (sometimes called keeper or gate). When the door closes the beveled latchbolt rides over the lip and falls into the electric strike pocket. Von Duprin is the leading manufacturer of premium, heavy duty electric strikes. Known for their reliability, durability and security 6000 Series strikes feature all stainless steel construction, are nonhanded and available in 12V or 24V, DC or AC. Strikes are furnished fail secure (FSE) standard, with fail safe (FS) optional. Strike box is adjustable to compensate for any misalignment of the door or frame. Two-piece plug connectors are furnished for ease of installation and for removal during strike servicing.