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Schlage L9070P 07A 605 Polished Brass Finish Classroom Lever Mortise Lock With Cylinder


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SKU: L9070P 07A 605

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The Schlage  L9070P 07A 605 Polished Brass Finish Entrance Lever Mortise Lock With Cylinder is currently available.

The Schlage L-Series Extra Heavy Duty Mortise Locks are built to withstand the rigors of daily use without fail. Our L9000 Series locks are ideal for use in schools, hospitals and factories, where the finest hardware must also deliver consistent, dependable operation and stand up to constant use and abuse. We pay attention to these details so you can focus on creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for your clients. In fact, every one of our L-Series locks meets ANSI Grade 1 standards for safety. A multitude of functions, finishes and trim designs are available to meet virtually every security and aesthetic requirement.

A classroom function lock will retract the latchbolt by use of the lever from either side unless the outside is locked by key. It can be unlocked from outside by key. The inside lever always free for immediate exit. The auxiliary latch deadlocks the  latchbolt when the door is closed. The inside lever is always free for immediate egress.

This Schlage L9000 series lever mortise lock comes in a polished brass finish.