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Best 21B72 Padlock Brushed Chrome Finish


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SKU: 21B72-606

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The 21B72 Best Padlock is a padlock from the company named Best. It is designed with a shackle whose opening is three quarters of an inch tall when locked. This type of padlock from best is designed to use a key to unlock it. The core which uses a key is additional cost because you have a few options available. This padlock comes without a core, which you would need if you are transferring an old core or would otherwise already have a core. The lock is prepped for a small format interchangeable core, allowing you to easily switch out cores as you need them. Specifications
  • Width_ 1 25/32"
  • Length_ 2 1/16"
  • Thickness_ 13/16"
  • Shackle_ The shackle locks at both heel and toe. The length of shackle opening is measured from top of case to inside of shackle when padlock is locked.
  • Material_ Bronze or stainless steel Diameter_ 5/16"
  • Width of opening_ 7/8" ASTM F883_ Meets Grade 4 with stainless steel shackle.
  • ASTM F883_ Meets Grade 6 for shackle cutting force with XSPL shackle option.
  • ASTM F883_ Meets Grade 6 for option E. (Corrosion resistance).
The Best 21B72 Padlock comes in a satin chrome finish.