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ShurLok Alphabetical Code Lockbox


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Shurlok lock boxes are available in a letter style in place of a number code. This version is only available in the blue color. Due to the limitation of 10 spaces on each dial, not all letter combinations are available. A blank space is on the first and last dial, allowing you to use a 2, 3, or 4 letter code in conjunction with the blank space being part of the code. Here are tables of the possible combination choices for each group:
 Dial 1  Dial 2  Dial 3  Dial 4
 S  E  E  M
 C  L  M  A
 --  N  D  E
 O  R  X  S
 W  I  L  O
 H  O  C  F
 M  U  W  R
 B  C  H  C
 P  P  O  P
 F  A  S  --
When ordering the letter style lock box, we include setting the combination in the purchase price. To choose what you would like for your combination, please see the charts below. If you prefer a different color than blue and/or you prefer number combination, take a look at our Shurlok number style lock boxes. All letter lockboxes come factory set with the code "FAS-" for the shackle and "-NDE" for the door. The letters for the door code will always be 3 places higher than the letters for the shackle code. Below is a table for all possible letters for the dials. Also shown in the table is what letter will be a part of the door code and shackle code. Shackle/Door Combinations
 Dial 1  Dial 2  Dial 3  Dial 4
 Shackle  Door  Shackle  Door  Shackle  Door  Shackle  Door
 F  --  A  N  S  D  --  E
 S  O  E  R  E  X  M  S
 C  W  L  I  M  L  A  O
 --  H  N  O  D  C  E  F
 O  M  R  U  X  W  S  R
 W  B  I  C  L  H  O  C
 H  P  O  P  C  O  F  P
 M  F  U  A  W  S  R  --
 B  S  C  E  H  E  C  M
 P  C  P  L  O  M  P  A
So if the shackle code you want is "SEEM", then the door code will be "ORXS". To change the combination, first have the lockbox set to the shackle code and open the shackle. Then using a small flat head screwdriver, rotate the screw found above the door of the lockbox clockwise until the slot in it is vertical. Rotate the dials so that they show what code you want for the shackle, then open and close the shackle to test that the combination works. Turn the screw counterclockwise back to its original position and open and close the shackle to test it again. That's it. The door code is automatically changed when you change the shackle code and should be 3 letters higher than your new shackle code. Put in your new door code and open the door of the lockbox to make sure it works as well. WARNING: If you attempt to change the combination on your lockbox and make a mistake on any of the steps, the best way to fix it is to bring your lock box back to your local locksmith and they will reset the combination for you.