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Cal Royal Mortise Lock With SE Trim


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SKU: NM8010 SE US26D

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Cal Royal SE trim mortise lock is a grade 1 mortise lock with plate trim and a Rhodes style lever. This lever style is compatible with the Genesis series, the Pioneer series, the Schlage Rhodes series or the AL-series. The plate trim covers up most existing holes that occur when converting most mortise lock installations. These locks are available in passage, privacy and locking functions. All locks provide a one motion egress function. These locks can be handed in the field. They also can be handed at the time of order. The following functions and finishes are available,

M8010 - Passage function
M8040 - Privacy function
M8050 - Office entrance function
M8070 - Classroom function
M8080 - Storeroom function
M8453 - Entrance function with deadbolt

These locks can be ordered in the following finishes
US26D - brushed chrome
US10B - oil rubbed bronze
US3 - polished brass
US26 - polished chrome
US4 - brushed brass
Shipping weight 10 pounds